Sci|Art Lab + Studio is based at California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), an integrated research facility with locations at UCLA and UC Santa Barbara. As a California Institute for Science and Innovation (CISI), CNSI builds on a visionary investment in future education, research and technological resources given by the state of California. The vision of CNSI is to establish a coherent and distinctive organization that serves California and the nation, which is embedded on the UCSB and UCLA campuses. CNSI is a world-class intellectual and physical environment, a collaborative center that generates and fosters ideas, discoveries and world class talent that continues to fuel innovation in Nanosystems.

UCLA is broken up between North and South Campus, with the North hosting humanities and arts and South campus hosting the sciences. Sci|Art Lab + Studio physically moves students throughout North and South campus to facilitate the immersion of the two cultures. Students also move throughout the UCLA campus experiencing true campus-life and getting exposure to world class art facilities at the Broad Art Center and maker space, Mildred E Mathias Botanical Gardens, and the Court of Sciences. Click on our interactive map to find out more!