Our workshops facilitate learning through hands-on engagement with course material. After each lecture, students participate in technical skill development in areas such as: VR, AR, animation, sculpture, arduino programming and robotics, performance, installation, video, 2D representation and more. Instructors facilitate these workshops and guide students towards creative applications and methodologies of art and science. 

Examples of past workshops: 

  • Ecosensing - embodying the world around you 
  • BIO + MYCO remediation - how we can face contamination with living systems 
  • Communication with Plants
  • Micrometeorites and learning about DUST
  • Origami and DNA
  • Psychobiotonic: Anthropology at the molecular level
  • Network Activity and Ecological Systems 
  • Molecules in VR
  • Drawing and painting 
  • DIY Microscopy
  • Virtualizing the Natural 
  • Bioplastics
  • Design Thinking: Aquatic Robotics