In the highly competitive Sci|Art Studio + Lab students are immersed in the sciences and the arts to simultaneously develop and sharpen their analytical and creative skills. Sponsored by UCLA’s Art|Sci Center, the Department of Design Media Arts and the California NanoSystems Institute, Sci|Art Lab + Studio prepares students for interdisciplinary thinking before they begin their undergraduate education.

The program is led and designed by Dr. Victoria Vesna, Professor and director of the UCLA Art|Sci Center, Dr. James Gimzewski, pioneering nanoscientists, distinguished Professor in chemistry and scientific director of the UCLA Art|Sci Center. Both are present and actively engaged during the program along with a stellar Art|Sci team, Mick Lorusso, Kaitlin Bryson, Clarissa Riberio, Sam Lilak, Maru Garcia, Andrew Ortiz and Ivana Dama.

During this intensive two-week program, students make connections between cutting edge scientific research, popular culture and contemporary arts. Through historical retrospective, surveys of current art-science collaborations and science fiction movie screenings, students are exposed to the interface of science, art and culture with a focus on multidisciplinary collaborations.

In partnering with California NanoSystems Institute and nanoscientists, we are fully focused on interdisciplinary research. At its core, nanoscience research requires fresh ways of thinking and new methodologies. The future of nanotechnology is determined not just by scientific knowledge, but also by the application of creative thought and imagination that go beyond a traditional reductionist approach. The advantage of an artistic approach to nanotechnology lies in the ability for art to address challenges from a more holistic and general view to conceive of creative ways to deal with complexity which, when combined with science, provides a powerful new direction for invention and creation.